Eco-friendly deodorant disposal

Last Update: 9 Feb, 2023

How do you throw away used deodorant?

It is not always as simple as it may seem at first glance. Sure, mixed waste is the solution, but it’s not always the greenest way. That is why we have prepared a brief guide for you on where to dispose of deodorant after it has been used.

Instructions on how to dispose of deodorant in an ecoway

Deodorants can have a variety of consistencies, which affects the type of packaging. Most often, deodorants are packaged in plastic packaging, paper, glass, or a metal container (mainly sprays).

The first step is to separate product residues from the packaging as much as possible. If the product does not suit you and you want to throw it away when it is still partially full, remove its contents in the form of a solid version, gel, or cream, using a paper napkin and throw it in the trash. Of course, only if possible. With spray deodorant, the internal aerosol cannot be effectively removed.

The second step is to determine the type of packaging material (plastic, glass, paper, or metal) and also whether it is a package made of only one material (preferred variant) or a so-called composite package (several types of material in one). If it’s multiple materials in one (for example, paper packaging with plastic film) and they can’t be separated, so be the packaging goes in normal mixed waste.

What to throw away?

Sprays (metal containers) belong to metal containers. Either these are special containers for metal only or containers with a sticker that says that we can also sort metal waste into them.

Glass containers (balls or atomizers) we will sort into glass containers, depending on whether it is white or colored glass.

Plastic wrap (solid or creamy versions) is sorted into a plastic container.

Paper packaging (often solid variants) is sorted into a paper container.Other (for example wood) you can try to use again. If you have to throw it away, unfortunately, in mixed waste.

Author: Richard Bystricky-Berezvai

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