How to eco-friendly pack a book

Last Update: 15 Nov, 2022

Whether the book has a soft or hard cover, the corners are the most prone to damage. However, this is not the worst option for damaging the book. In the worst case, the back can be broken. Of course, books with fewer pages are much more prone to this, but it is not advisable to underestimate this possibility.

First step: Clarify which book you send

Books differ from each other in many aspects. One of them is the bond type. It makes a difference whether you send the book in hardcover or softcover. Next, you need to consider whether you will be sending a six-hundred-page-thick novel or a comic book. The dimensions of the books are also varied. It is therefore necessary to properly specify which book I am sending. Here’s a tip on which three parameters to focus on.

  1. Size (dimensions) of the book
  2. Binding (soft or hard)
  3. Format (notebook, thick book,…)

Second step: Clarify how to send the book

If you are in a situation where you will publish a book and send it by post or another delivery service, it will work only one dimension. Then it is easy to pre-stock with one suitable type of packaging with clearly defined dimensions. If your portfolio contains all kinds of types and sizes of books, it is better to look for a variable solution where the size is not so strictly defined. It is therefore necessary to clarify what your shipping mode will be and whether it is a one-time or recurring matter.

Solution 1: Cardboard cover

A cardboard cover is a very quick way to wrap a book, and at the same time, it can also be a cheap way to wrap a book. Using a cardboard envelope with a print is also a tasteful way of packing the shipment. Another advantage is the environmental friendliness of the packaging, no plastic fillings, and that is appreciated. But it also has its disadvantages. The protective function is not for everyone and you are limited by dimensions. This is ideal for a 200-page paperback book, but may not be ideal for a thick hardcover book. The cardboard envelope is therefore recommended for sending soft books, notebooks, and calendars. Self-adhesive strips are also an advantage, thanks to which you can close the envelope, so there is no need for additional material to secure and seal it. It is most often available in sizes designed for A5 to A3 formats.


  • cheap packaging method
  • fast packaging


  • the dimensions of the cardboard envelope are not
  • limited protective function

Solution 2: Mailing box + paper adhesive tape

Another solution for packing a book is a mailing box. Protection in the form of three-layer cardboard is recommended for book packaging. Three-layer cardboard ensures sufficient safety. You can choose between classic boxes with flaps or pieces with a more thoughtful design. Some boxes need to be fixed with tape all around and crosswise. However, we prefer a post box with our print, which you only need to tape over in one place. The adhesive tape is ideally paper, so that new material does not enter the package. For the box, it is necessary to think about the size so that it corresponds to the contents. Then you don’t even need a filler. However, when the filler needs to be used, you can use old newspapers or already-used paper.


  • very good protective function, the
  • possibility of efficient packaging of several pieces of books


  • higher packaging price
  • greater requirements for packaging storage space
Author: Richard Bystricky-Berezvai

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