How to ecologically clean a washing machine?

Last Update: 15 Jan, 2023

Regular cleaning of the washing machine helps to increase the efficiency of washing clothes. Dirt can build up in filters, pipes, and hoses. These impurities can cause the washing performance to deteriorate. You can also remove the smell from the washing machine by removing the dirt. Regular cleaning of your washing machine can help you avoid repairs and extend the life of your washing machine.

Several natural cleaning products can be used to clean your washing machine in an eco-friendly way. Let’s see how to do it.

Needs for cleaning the washing machine

  • 100 g citric acid
  • 400 ml vinegar
  • Cloth for cleaning

Instructions for cleaning the washing machine

  1. Remove the detergent tank, clean it thoroughly, and put it back
  2. Then use a cloth to clean the door of the washing machine including the rubber seal
  3. powder container Pour citric acid
  4. Pour vinegar into the drum of the washing machine
  5. Run the most extended washing program with the highest possible temperature

How often to clean the washing machine?

The frequency of cleaning your washing machine depends on how often you use it. It is recommended to clean the washing machine every month, however, this may seem too often to some. However, the washing machine should be cleaned at least once every three months.

Why can a washing machine smell?

  • Detergent residues are not washed away and get caught in the washing machine or the pipes. This leads to the accumulation of mold and rot.
  • Cold water. If you only wash in cold water, you don’t kill the bacteria that builds up over time. Cold water saves money and energy, but it also leaves more residue.
  • You are not cleaning the washing machine often enough. Detergent dispensers and rubber door seals are not cleaned regularly, which leads to mold and rot.
Author: Richard Bystricky-Berezvai

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