How to use old clothes ecologically?

Last Update: 20 Mar, 2023

The clothes are made from materials that have many possibilities of use. If you are tired of some clothes or have clothes that don’t fit you, you don’t have to throw them away, but you can use them in other ways. We bring you specific tips on how to use unworn clothes.

1. Sell

If your clothes are still in good condition and you think they have an interesting value, then you can try to sell them. Several apps can help you sell.

2. Donate

If you don’t want to take pictures of every piece of clothing and painstakingly place it as a sales advertisement, you can donate clothes. There are special clothing containers where you can put your unused clothes.

3. Remake

Do your pants have a hole in the leg? So make them shorts. Your t-shirt has a hole in the armpit area, so make it into a tank top. Changing clothes into a new wearable piece can be simple.

4. Make washcloths

Functional rags can be made from unused clothes that can be used at home for washing. It is advisable to choose clothes made of materials that absorb water.

5. Make a shopping bag

Not everyone is skilled enough to make something out of unused clothes. However, the shopping bag is one of the most uncomplicated products. It’s not so much about beauty, but above all about function.

Author: Richard Bystricky-Berezvai

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