Our mission

Our goal is to provide a platform that helps you create a more sustainable lifestyle with budget-friendly small steps. The tips are inspired by our own lives, so we too have faced problems more than once, which we share with you with the solutions we have developed! It is completely natural if there are difficulties when implementing an idea, but we can easily find solutions by brainstorming together! Come and dive headlong into this adventure!

Beginning of Dobremond

The whole idea was born in 2020, when Orsi lost all her jobs due to COVID, and she just finished university. We spent the free time on nature walks and experimenting with cosmetics. Then Orsi began her master’s degree in the Czech Republic, at the Tomas Bata University as a polymer engineer, where she could also take courses on biomaterials and cosmetics. We currently live in Mosonmagyaróvár, where Orsi is completing her doctoral studies, while Richard is at home with their son and building his online business.

We have already reached the point where we hardly buy any cosmetics (we only buy solid shampoo and sun lotion), and I exclusively make them at home. And the birth of our little boy presented us with new challenges: our goal is to raise children without waste, in which we have been enriched with many ideas.

What does Dobremond mean?

The name of the website comes from the Czech word dobré for good, while monde comes from the French land.

Our team

We are the BB (Bystricky-Berezvai) family!

Richard BB – the website’s editor, dreamer and content producer

Orsi BB – dreamer of the site, content producer, cosmetics and cleaning products expert, developer and creator

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