Recipe for nettle decoction and tincture against dandruff

Last Update: 17 Nov, 2022

The fight against dandruff doesn’t have to be all about expensive cosmetic products. Nettle decoction and nettle tincture can also be used to fight dandruff.

Preparation of nettle decoction

Choose a large pot for the nettle decoction. Try to wash the picked nettles a little in rubber gloves (if the nettles do sting, remember that at least you won’t get rheumatism) and throw them into the pot. Once you’ve added the right amount of nettles, pour in enough water to cover the plants. Then heat the water over low heat until it starts to boil. After turning off the stove, wait until the contents of the pot have cooled down a bit. Then pour the resulting product into glass jars (preserving jars) and place them uncovered in the fridge or in a cool cellar. Once completely cooled, seal them and our nettle concoctions can be safely stored in a dark, cool place for 4-5 months.

Preparation of nettle tincture

To prepare the nettle tincture, we use nettle root. Clean the roots with a brush and chop them. Then put them in a glass jar and pour the homemade brandy you have at home, and then store for 2-3 weeks in a warm place protected from light. After 2-3 weeks, strain and place in a dark, cool place.

Application of nettle decoction and tincture 

Wash your hair with the decoction at the end of each hair wash. Since we have to store it in the fridge, warm it up a bit before each hair wash so that our hair follicles don’t get cold!

Apply nettle tincture once or twice a week (or even every day) to dry hair! A tiny amount is enough for one head application, so our tincture made in the summer in 1 jar will last for a whole year.

Importantly, alcohol can dry out the scalp, so those who are sensitive to it may experience increased dandruff formation! Anyone who experiences this should stop using alcohol tincture! But on the other hand, nettle decoction can be used by virtually anyone without side effects!

Collecting nettles

From late spring (May) to mid-summer, fresh nettles can be collected in almost every forest. When picking, make sure you pick them from a place away from the main road, as we want the nettles as clean and dust-free as possible. Feel free to cut whole plants, as nettles are one of those wonderful plants where every part is beneficial. Once the nettles are freshly picked, we can get straight down to making nettle decoction and nettle tincture.

More useful information about nettles

Dry the remaining nettle leaves and make nettle tea for a spring or autumn detox. The detox should last no longer than 30 days (minimum 28 days) and start your day with a cup of nettle tea (on an empty stomach) every morning! In addition, have one or two cups of nettle tea during the day. Nettle is the best blood purifier, so with its help, you will do a great spring and fall cleaning in your body!

If you don’t have the opportunity to pick fresh nettles, you can make nettle tea instead of nettle decoction, which can be used just like nettle decoction.

Author: Richard Bystricky-Berezvai

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